Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vintage Ladies Unite!

I've gone crazy, collecting vintage 1950's era ads of beautiful women, handsome men and darling children! The style of illustration of that time is so captivating to me, the technique so distinct. I browse Etsy and eBay, searching for these lovely treasures. For my Mother's Day gift, I chose to buy ad pages from vintage magazines of the 40's and 50's in lieu of flowers or candy. That's how crazy I am about them!

Here is a card I designed using one of my Stampsmith stamps of a cute trio of bathing beauties. I've combined it with a gorgeous image of a very handsome couple of the era, having drinks on the beach. I chose to use colors as vivid as those found in the vintage image, and I think the effect is wonderful!

Again, I have combined a Stampsmith stamp, this one is "Wanda", with another vintage 50's era image of a very attractive lady from my collection. I thought the resemblance was remarkable! The theme I chose for this card was the romance of Paris! This woman looks like she could have been found sauntering about on the Paris boulevards back in the day!