Sunday, June 14, 2009

Queen of the Yard Sale!

Last weekend, on a beautiful sunny Saturday, my seven year old daughter and I went to a local church yard sale. We browsed around from table table, until she was able to find some books that she liked. She's a new reader, and she's building her library of books.

At one table I saw a old wire egg basket, the kind where the handles fold down, and the rim fold down like petals. At the same table I spotted an old game from 1960 called "The Barbie Game: Queen of the Prom". The colors are vivid, and the graphics have a sketchy quality, so typical of the period. The playing cards depict beautiful party dresses and evening gowns, handsome boyfriends named Ken and Poindexter, with crew cuts and thick glasses, and club activities like drama and scholarship. You could land on "He criticizes your hair-do, go to beauty shop" if you're not lucky, or "He asks you to go steady" if you are. I couldn't resist buying it for $8.00, plus the egg basket for $1.00. I hope to incorporate it into some of my work.

Well, this started our season of yard sale cruising, and you never know what great treasures we may unearth. Keep you posted!

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  1. Wow, that game is awesome! I have a copy of "How to get a teenage boy and what to do with him when you get him" from 1960 I found at a garage sale. It's the most ridiculous, adorable and backward book ever.