Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chicago, Here I Come!

On Friday, May 29th, I will travel to Chicago to attend Country Living Magazine's "Women Entrepreneurs Seminar", which will be held on Saturday May 30th. This marks my 3rd year, and I am very excited to see and hear what they have in store!

The seminar is designed to support, inform, and inspire woman to "bank on their bliss"! In other words, find your creative passion and turn it into a paycheck! The panelists are some of the country's leading women entrepreneurs and business owners. They feature topics like launching, networking, marketing, e-commerce, and this year they are discussing trade shows. The magazine is currently featuring it's newest group of entrepreneurs, some of whom will be present this weekend. It's such a thrill to hear the inspiring stories of how some of these businesses came about!

I highly recommend attending this seminar in the future! I'll report back next week!

Here's the website:

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